Why do all-inclusive direct cremation prices still cost you more?

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Why do all-inclusive direct cremation prices still cost you more?

It’s unfortunate, but even at one of the most difficult times, people can mislead you. Cremation prices are not always as advertised. You should be alert while searching for a direct cremation provider and ask what the “total price” is for a direct cremation. Many providers advertise a low all-inclusive price just to get you in the door, but when you meet with a representative from the company they will start to notify you of all the additional charges that apply. Most of the direct cremation providers in the Tampa Bay area do not have their own crematory and will charge extra for the services that the crematory provides for free. With many providers, it is common for their advertised price to almost double once they add on the additional fees.

The following is a list of charges some direct cremation providers add on:

  • Administrative fee
  • Alternative container
  • Temporary urn
  • Addition fee for weight of deceased if over 250 lbs.
  • Additional transportation fee
  • Pacemaker removal fee
  • Thumbprint fee

The following is a list of common fees that may be additional:

  • Medical examiner fee (is it required and if so, do they upcharge you?)
  • Death certificates (do they upcharge you?)
  • Newspaper notice
  • Permanent urn or other cremation merchandise

Click here to see Medical examiner and death certificate fees.

Please keep in mind that when you are shopping for a cremation service provider, always ask what the total cost will be, excluding the death certificate, newspaper notice, or any cremation merchandise you may decide to purchase. Some claim to include one certified copy of the death certificate but will upcharge you for any additional copies you order. In other words, it’s not included or free.

Reputable direct cremation providers will advertise their fee without using the words “all inclusive” to bait you in. The only extra fees that should be charged are for the medical examiner (if required) and death certificate.