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Jaden Damien Rosario

Jaden Damien Rosario

March 11, 2003~November 12, 2022

Jaden Damien Rosario was born on March 11, 2003 in Jacksonville, Florida, to Damien Rosario and Katrina O’Conner.

Jaden graduated from Mandarin High School C/O 2021.

He was fearless, strong minded, and brave. Such a genuine young man, extremely passionate, humble, with a heart of gold.

He became a lifeguard by the time he was 18. Inspired by his love and respect for the ocean and community.

Jaden had a smile that could light a room. He kept us all laughing with his witty personality and funny jokes.
He loved spending quality time with his friends and family, enjoyed going to the gym, however, his biggest passion was making music. He had such a gift with words.

Jaden is survived by his father, Damien Rosario, mother, Katrina O’Connor, sister’s Mia and Serenity and his grandparents Ismael and Valerie Rosario, Norma and Todd Clark and Sam and Joanne Desuyo.

There will be a funeral service held for Jaden on November 22, 2022 from 4-6 PM at Fraser Funeral Home, 8168 Normandy Blvd.”


Katrina O'Connor

July 22, 2023, 9:06 am

It seems like light and joy followed him wherever he went. He had a rare personality that people couldn’t help but gravitate toward. He was so many things: loving, kind, funny, athletic, humble, family-oriented, considerate, ambitious, and so energetic. I knew he was going to be an amazing kid/man by the time he was a toddler. It deeply saddens me to know that we’ll never see what his future had in store for him. I’m sure it would have been amazing, though. As equally amazing as he was, and undoubtedly as amazing as he made every moment in life feel. I know it would have been a sight to behold to watch him flourish into the self-assured, smart, and ambitious MAN he was truly destined to become. You may be gone, but you are never forgotten, Jaden, and I can only hope that you knew how much you meant to me and how truly proud I was of you. Life isn’t the same without you. Unbearable at times, even. I love you….and back again and back again and back again….until we meet again. I love you so much and always will.


July 22, 2023, 9:07 am

Jaden was my friend, he was funny and cool.
My funniest memory is when we were in the school bathroom and one of our friends through something in the stall someone was using, the guy then came out and starting yelling and foaming from the mouth our friend who threw the thing in the stall casually walked out like nothing happened while the guy was foaming from the mouth it was hilarious.

Kevin Raspopi

July 22, 2023, 9:07 am

Here’s a little compilation of some of Jaden and I’s best memories together for friends and family to view. Jaden i love and miss you so much, you were a brother my age that I never had. You were adventurous, goofy, loyal soul with a ton of potential. Stay safe up there and fulfill your dreams ????️

Bella W.

July 22, 2023, 9:07 am

Elijah, Im so incredibly sorry for your loss. I wish I could be there with you honoring Jaden and the amazing person he is. Sending love. Love Bella W

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